Wangz Anniversary Throw-back Post

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A little history lesson from about this same date in 2007 –



Session Start (Jape:2-year Birth of Wangz Day-1261): Wed Feb 14 06:20:53 2007
[06:20] *** Stayplation has joined the chat.
[06:21] Jape: Straps
[06:21] Jape: 2 years ago today was our first day here
[06:21] Jape: and after all tht, you are still gay….wow
[06:22] Straps: dude u take it up the batty
[06:23] Jape: you wish I did
[06:23] Jape: since you have a crush on me
[06:24] *** thecloak_2000 has joined the chat.
[06:24] Straps: does bag join this chat ?
[06:25] Jape: no, he doesn’t have a yahoo id
[06:25] Jape: I keep telling him to go register, but he is a cry baby
[06:26] thecloak_2000: omg… how can someone NOT have a YM ID?
[06:26] Jape: thats what I have to ask
[06:26] Jape: I’ve had one for like12 years
[06:32] Straps: i know right
[06:32] Straps: let me jib him about it
[06:34] Jape: good
[06:34] Jape: I did that last week
[07:06] Straps: travis
[07:06] Straps: answer phone jizz ass … before i come over there and spank you and send u home
[07:10] thecloak_2000: Listen you little whore bitch. Did it ever occur to you I might NOT be chained to this fucking desk and that I DO actually get up and go places like the pisser and that contrary to popular belief I do NOT take the fucking phone with me everywhere I go????
[07:10] thecloak_2000: Now, if you wanna ask me nicely… I might considering picking up the reciever without shoving it up your ASS
[07:11] Jape: I’d pay to see that
[07:11] Jape: you shoving it up his ass, that is
[07:11] Jape: he might like it, but I still think it would be a good video for youtube
[07:11] *** TIMMAHH!! has joined the chat.
[07:12] thecloak_2000: lol
[07:12] Jape: i am being stingy with the invites today since we have the viewing problem. Everyone should see 4 people in this chat right now
[07:12] thecloak_2000: yup
[07:12] boozed_up_jew: yeah
[07:28] *** cinomedtweak has joined the chat.
[07:29] cinomedtweak: *yawn*
[07:29] Jape: yeah
[07:29] cinomedtweak: kinda cold huh?
[07:29] *** oldskooljedifunk has joined the chat.
[07:29] Jape: yeah
[07:29] Jape: 2 years TODAY, Fry
[07:29] Jape: fo rizzle
[07:30] oldskooljedifunk: Fo rizzle!
[07:30] thecloak_2000: ?
[07:31] Jape: Fry, Straps, Koob, myself and a few others were hired at csc on Feb 14, 2005
[07:32] oldskooljedifunk: Partay.
[07:32] Jape: wiz-urd
[07:33] cinomedtweak: wow, grats and stuff
[07:33] oldskooljedifunk: Longest I’ve been in any job…:P
[07:33] Jape: dahhhhhhhhh
[07:34] thecloak_2000: Dark dark day… I remember it well.
[07:34] Jape: I have 6 more months and I can say the same thing
[07:34] thecloak_2000: I had a cold chill ALL day that day
[07:34] oldskooljedifunk: Wiz-urd.
[07:34] oldskooljedifunk: Spooky.
[07:36] Jape: speaking of…..WTGAC is Koob?
[07:36] *** leadchunkeratmyspace has joined the chat.
[07:37] Jape: there are now 7 people in the chat
[07:37] boozed_up_jew: Koob’s got Jury Duty
[07:37] leadchunkeratmyspace: Is that a record?
[07:38] oldskooljedifunk: He is the law…
[07:40] Jape: is what a record?
[07:41] cinomedtweak: prolly the 7 people
[07:41] Jape: nah
[07:41] cinomedtweak: but it’s not cause we hadd 11 yesturdah
[07:41] Jape: its not
[07:41] Jape: just said that so everyone could verify that is what they see
[07:41] cinomedtweak: I was reminded a valuable lessaon
[07:41] Jape: trying to track down this ghost problem
[07:42] cinomedtweak: No one respects rasises in SL, and worse yet, definetly not from the shortest stack 🙁
[07:46] cinomedtweak: so, I found the EU’s original LN password she was so desperate for
[07:46] cinomedtweak: the issue is, she was so exctied she dropped ehr cell and disconnected
[07:46] cinomedtweak: *galf clap
[07:46] cinomedtweak: er
[07:46] cinomedtweak: *golf Clap*
[07:46] cinomedtweak: seriously htg do I misspell golf?
[07:47] Jape: only YOU can do that
[07:47] Jape: fat finger boy
[07:47] cinomedtweak: that’s not fat finger…. they are on opposite sdes 😮
[07:48] cinomedtweak: that’s like when I try and “hehe” real fast but I “ltlt” ot “cqcq” instead
[07:48] cinomedtweak: TOTALLY wrong place on teh keyboard ya know?
[07:48] Jape: Travis
[07:48] Jape: is 805 the area code in Long Beach?
[07:50] thecloak_2000: sounds like it
[07:50] cinomedtweak: Bomb-Ba-Sear
[07:50] cinomedtweak: er’
[07:50] cinomedtweak: Dear
[07:51] cinomedtweak: (:|
[07:52] Jape: Trav, make sure I did this one right – AM15877473
[07:52] Jape: Fester
[07:53] cinomedtweak: Where?
[07:53] Jape: Portal Learn-ALL….NA only?
[07:53] cinomedtweak: one sec
[07:53] cinomedtweak: EMEAi2 should only have CareerSource, GPAI, Learn, PAR (GPARS), and Workflow for non-FED users
[07:53] cinomedtweak: would you like the email, rather recent
[07:54] Jape: i have one from Shiju from back in Ovt-Nov some time
[07:54] Jape: that is the latest one I have
[07:55] cinomedtweak: sent
[07:55] thecloak_2000: EU is having problems with his USD ports ??
[07:55] thecloak_2000: Don’t you mean B ?
[07:56] cinomedtweak: naw
[07:56] Jape: B?
[07:56] cinomedtweak: prolly a USD connection issue right?
[07:56] Jape: oh, USB?
[07:56] thecloak_2000: USB ports?
[07:56] cinomedtweak: :))
[07:56] Jape: that was copy/paste
[07:56] Jape: from emea2 usd
[07:57] Jape: that TMG remote punted because they are lazy-ass-freakin bastards
[07:57] thecloak_2000: well, you SURE you want me to send it out in your name with usD ?
[07:57] Jape: not that I have stronge opinions or anything
[07:57] cinomedtweak: hey jape, dun hold back ok
[07:57] cinomedtweak: let it go, tell us how you really feel
[07:57] cinomedtweak: :))
[07:57] Jape: no, I want it sent JUST the way it sits
[07:57] Jape: cause
[07:57] Jape: if it gets punted
[07:57] Jape: meesa gonna GAC-slap the crap outta that chick
[07:58] thecloak_2000: lol ok
[07:58] thecloak_2000: it’s gone
[07:58] Jape: I can’t even find a usd account for that guy
[07:58] Jape: don’t even know if he is with Raytheon
[07:58] boozed_up_jew: i’ll come back in here later. Please don’t reinvite me
[07:59] *** TIMMAHH!! has left the chat.
[07:59] thecloak_2000: INVITE THIS, BITCH !!
[07:59] cinomedtweak: awweee
[07:59] cinomedtweak: we lost are token “different” person, he no likes the laughing I think
[07:59] cinomedtweak: :))
[07:59] cinomedtweak: cause like I can hear it from his cube’
[08:01] thecloak_2000: cause like ?
[08:01] thecloak_2000: gag me with a spoon?
[08:03] Jape: he is just a baby
[08:06] Jape: Trav
[08:07] Jape: if one of US had said we were working through lunch, we would get a talking-to
[08:10] Straps: whats wrong with jew boy ?
[08:11] thecloak_2000: huh????
[08:12] thecloak_2000: who ??
[08:12] *** Gangrene has joined the chat.
[08:12] cinomedtweak: timmy
[08:13] thecloak_2000: ohhh,, welll she has lost her mind today anyway
[08:13] thecloak_2000: lol
[08:13] Jape: you talking to me or Fester?
[08:13] Jape: I was talking abotu Robin
[08:13] cinomedtweak: I just heard him say “What do you mean when you say you are trying to *log onto to work*?”
[08:14] cinomedtweak: talking with an EU trying to work from home :))
[08:14] thecloak_2000: STGAC UP you are confusing me and J
[08:14] thecloak_2000: lol
[08:14] thecloak_2000: Robin is working through J ???
[08:14] cinomedtweak: not my fault that is so easy
[08:14] Jape: true
[08:14] Jape: she said she was working thru lunch, yes
[08:14] Jape: and penny said “ok”
[08:15] cinomedtweak: pffft women
[08:15] Jape: what happened to the pistol whipping that she dishes out when WE say that
[08:15] Jape: ??
[08:15] thecloak_2000: AH.. yes.. well wait till you read the blind CC I just sent you
[08:17] Jape: LMAO
[08:17] Jape: just di
[08:17] Jape: did
[08:17] Jape: shs prob doesn’t remember from being drugged up
[08:21] thecloak_2000: ROFL
[08:22] cinomedtweak: y’all getting Vista calls yet? VPN, Notes, Portal, and uhm pretty much any other CSC app dun work on Vista lol
[08:26] cinomedtweak: (Link:
[08:34] cinomedtweak: first time EVER working from hoe
[08:34] cinomedtweak: think that maybe you should mention that when nothing is working?
[08:34] cinomedtweak: you know when you call the Service Desk?
[08:35] Jape: not everyone admits to working ho’s
[08:35] cinomedtweak: heh
[08:35] cinomedtweak: I ,3 funny tpos fer reals
[08:35] cinomedtweak: <3
[08:35] cinomedtweak: damn
[08:35] cinomedtweak: me types guud todays
[08:35] Jape: TPOS?????????
[08:35] cinomedtweak: typos
[08:35] Jape: that term is NOT allowd in this chat!!
[08:36] Jape: oh ok
[08:36] Jape: thats fine
[08:36] cinomedtweak: I have some SL friends that call them Taipo
[08:36] cinomedtweak: Demons of Taipo
[08:36] cinomedtweak: which I am apparnetly considered to be a great Taipo Mancer of SL by these peopls
[08:50] cinomedtweak: “Could I get an extra priority, cause tehre s a blizzard, and I can’t drive into work, and I really need to access my email”
[08:50] Jape: no, you can’t
[08:50] Jape: go away
[08:50] cinomedtweak: sure dude, you are the ONLY gaccing CSC employee on the east coast, seriously
[08:52] cinomedtweak: I will have them reset your password and deliver it in a silver platter email automatically containing you finished projects and at LEAST 10 links to your favorie pr0n sites with accounts good for 1 week, cause we are just that durn awesome
[08:52] Jape: is this dude in NJ?
[08:52] cinomedtweak: who cares
[08:52] cinomedtweak: lol
[08:53] cinomedtweak: and yes
[08:53] cinomedtweak: yes he are
[08:53] Jape: alot of outages posted on the NB for that
[08:53] Jape: about 10 min ago
[08:54] cinomedtweak: meh, they are all at home anywho
[08:55] Jape: yeah
[08:55] *** Q has joined the chat.
[08:59] Gangreen: I don’t think I can eat wingz, anymore.
[09:00] Gangreen: Wednesday has become known to me as “Asses of Fire Day”
[09:00] *** Stayplation has left the chat.
[09:01] cinomedtweak: HAHA
[09:01] Gangreen: Just need to order a burger next week.
[09:01] Gangreen: At SEGA Gameworks…..
[09:02] Gangreen: For half price…
[09:29] Jape: CIMP
[09:30] *** Stayplation has joined the chat.
[09:30] Straps: ill stay iff yall stop talking about lame ass boring shit
[09:30] Straps: come on fuck
[09:30] thecloak_2000: ?
[09:30] cinomedtweak: so, like in WoW, I was like LFG for like ever, and like got ganked and stuff 🙁
[09:31] cinomedtweak: is that better Straps
[09:31] Gangreen: My ass being on fire is not boring.
[09:31] Gangreen: At least not to me.
[09:31] cinomedtweak: :))
[09:31] Jape: Straps
[09:32] Jape: this is NOT a gay chat….I don’t know how many times I must tell you. If you want a fudge packing, “back door bob” chat, then go start one yoursefl with TIMMAY and whoever else you want. But don’t come crying to us because our Sraight Talk is boring.
[09:32] thecloak_2000: oh my dear…
[09:33] cinomedtweak: :)) :))
[09:34] Gangreen: I gave Jennifer that iPod last night.
[09:34] Jape: and?
[09:34] Gangreen: Oh, and it was a Shuffle, not a Nano.
[09:34] cinomedtweak: and?
[09:35] Jape: yea, Shuffle
[09:35] cinomedtweak: were you as satified as I was? cause I got my Vday on last night with my old lady
[09:35] Gangreen: I fell asleep early.
[09:35] cinomedtweak: ooooo! Romantic 😮
[09:35] Gangreen: It’s on tonight though
[09:36] cinomedtweak: better address teh firey ass issue, chicks dun dig that
[09:36] cinomedtweak: and if she DOES I dun wanna know
[09:36] Gangreen: She got me a pair of Converse, a poker drinking glass set and the Marvel Encyclopedia Volume 1.
[09:36] cinomedtweak: wow, for Vday?
[09:36] Gangreen: Yeah
[09:37] cinomedtweak: you can’t have kids huh?
[09:37] Gangreen: I hope not
[09:37] cinomedtweak: :))
[09:37] cinomedtweak: not quite what I meant
[09:39] Gangreen: How much is a vasectomy?
[09:39] Jape: ahh yes
[09:39] Gangreen: I’d be happy with that for a V Day presetn
[09:39] cinomedtweak: they are kinda cheap I think
[09:39] cinomedtweak: but my wife got spade instead
[09:39] cinomedtweak: :))
[09:39] Gangreen: Hmmmm.. wouldn’t trust it.
[09:40] cinomedtweak: naw, we already got 2 kids and stuff, she dun want anymore
[09:40] Gangreen: By “it”, I mean a woman./
[09:40] cinomedtweak: and I was at the hospital and shit
[09:40] cinomedtweak: it was part of the proceure of the last kid’s c-sectiion 😮
[09:42] Gangreen: Procedure? Like a swift kick in the stomach?
[09:42] cinomedtweak: naw dude, they CUT the fallopian tubes
[09:43] cinomedtweak: cauturized and shit, it would take an act of Gad to fix it, literally
[09:43] cinomedtweak: *God
[09:44] Gangreen: Gad = God in the North
[09:46] Gangreen: Pray ta Gad ova heh, ya sorry bastid
[09:46] Gangreen: Took me a minute to figure out the iTunes thing.
[09:47] Gangreen: It crashed HARD the first time I tried it.
[09:47] Gangreen: Made me reformat the iPod.
[09:47] Gangreen: Also, iTunes won’t convert *.flac files. That’s kinda lame.
[09:47] Jape: wtgac is flac?
[09:47] Gangreen: Lossless codec
[09:48] Gangreen: Google it
[09:48] Gangreen: Big ass files, but there is no loss from original.
[09:55] cinomedtweak: yeah it dun play flac lol
[09:57] Gangreen: Well it dun play mp3, either does it?
[09:58] Gangreen: It converts it first
[09:58] cinomedtweak: yeah it plays mp3
[09:58] Gangreen: Oh.
[09:58] cinomedtweak: you don’t have to convert em lol
[09:58] cinomedtweak: you CAn
[09:58] cinomedtweak: but I don;t
[09:58] Gangreen: You have to add it with iTunes, though
[09:58] cinomedtweak: yeah itunes does mp3’s
[09:58] Gangreen: Can’t just drag and drop
[09:58] cinomedtweak: I use itunes to rip mp3’s
[09:59] cinomedtweak: File > Add Folder to Library
[09:59] cinomedtweak: or something
[09:59] Gangreen: I know
[09:59] Gangreen: Learned it last night
[10:00] Gangreen: “18 percent of rubber bands are used as projectiles at some point. ”
[10:02] cinomedtweak: heh
[10:07] cinomedtweak: the worst part of the ipod, fixing all your damn ID Tags for teh mp3’s for stuff like genere and band names and stuff
[10:07] cinomedtweak: nothing as fun as seeing 5 versions of a band name when searching via artist
[10:08] cinomedtweak: I think I had 14gigs of mp3’s I dumped on mine the first time I set it up and like half of them had NO real ID tag info 😮
[10:13] *** pbolin_tx has joined the chat.
[10:14] Straps: dah
[10:14] Straps: once all my ipod songs said track 1 track 23
[10:14] Straps: track 2
[10:14] cinomedtweak: lol
[10:15] Gangreen: It’s only a 1GB iPod.
[10:16] Gangreen: I think all the Shuffles are.
[10:16] cinomedtweak: awweee how cute
[10:16] Gangreen: I don’t really understand why you would even need much more than that.
[10:16] cinomedtweak: I got a 40gig mfer LD
[10:16] cinomedtweak: 😀
[10:16] cinomedtweak: I got like 20 DAYS of music
[10:16] Gangreen: Now what the fuck are you gonna do with 40 GB iPod? Go on a space journey?
[10:17] cinomedtweak: I have ALL my music with me, and both my cars have ipod hookups 😀
[10:19] cinomedtweak: it’s fun, you can listen to ANYTHIGN you feel like 😀
[10:21] *** todd has joined the chat.
[10:22] todd: Don’t worry be happy
[10:22] todd: In every life we have some trouble
[10:22] todd: When you worry you make it double
[10:23] todd: Don’t worry, be happy
[10:23] cinomedtweak: only a pot smoker could write this:
[10:23] cinomedtweak: Your face will frown And that will bring everybody down So don’t worry, be happy (now)…..
[10:23] todd: Ain’t got no place to lay your head
[10:24] Jape: cimp
[10:24] todd: Somebody came and took your bed
[10:24] cinomedtweak: lol duet tme
[10:24] todd: Don’t worry, be happy
[10:24] cinomedtweak: The land lord say your rent is late
[10:24] todd: He may have to litigate
[10:24] cinomedtweak: Don’t worry, be happy
[10:25] Straps: gacslap
[10:26] Jape: these Ray ones I have in reassign are a PITA
[10:26] Jape: waht does this mean? Secure ID problems are handled by CSC
[10:26] cinomedtweak: seems pretty self explanatory
[10:26] *** thecloak_2000 has left the chat.
[10:26] Jape: so you say
[10:27] Jape: mr expert, tell me what group that is for raytheon then
[10:27] cinomedtweak: the CSC one
[10:27] cinomedtweak: duh :))
[10:27] Jape: :>
[10:28] cinomedtweak: I mean, how many ar there?
[10:28] Jape: prob around 25,000
[10:28] Jape: give or take
[10:32] cinomedtweak: *hads you a dart* toss that at the list *shrug*
[10:35] todd: Tact is the ability to tell your boss that he is open-minded when you know he has a hole in his head.
[10:35] pbolin_tx: I submitted a name for that csc naming contest thing
[10:36] pbolin_tx: Trailblazer.. seened to make sense to me
[10:37] cinomedtweak: naming contest?
[10:38] todd: The attitude within is more important than the circumstances without.
[10:38] Jape: no idea what you are talking about Pizzy
[10:38] pbolin_tx: yall didnt get that email?
[10:38] todd: The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.
[10:38] pbolin_tx: theyre trying to rename the pioneer program or some other marketing bs
[10:39] pbolin_tx: i dont have any idea what the pioneer program is, but, hell, ill take a free dinner..
[10:39] Jape: don’t know what that is either
[10:39] Jape: no, didn’t get an email
[10:40] Gangreen: You named it after a Chevy SUV?
[10:40] pbolin_tx: must be another mailing list that im on that i shouldnt be 🙂
[10:40] pbolin_tx: yeah, well, heres what they said in the email: “To improve our business development capabilities an initiative to relaunch Pioneer as a change program is underway. As it will be a new program — addressing not only process, but training, best practices, sales management and coaching — we’re changing the name.

We are not “Pioneering” anymore. We are setting out to be a leader in the way we work with clients to solve their business problems. Our success will be determined by how easy we make it for clients to buy from CSC, and by how proactive we are as we work with them.

To generate interest in the new program, and to get input from the field, we’re holding a contest to choose the new name. And that’s where you come in.

[10:41] pbolin_tx: sounds like trailblazing to me..
[10:41] todd: The easiest way to find something lost around the house is to buy a replacement.
[10:42] todd: He that walketh in his uprightness feareth the LORD: but he that is perverse in his ways despiseth him.
[10:43] Gangreen: Client Fucker 3000
[10:43] todd: Fools make a mock at sin: but among the righteous there is favour.
[10:43] pbolin_tx: thats a good one
[10:43] pbolin_tx: or maybe Suck My Balls Initiatve
[10:44] oldskooljedifunk: Lost me…
[10:44] Jape: surprised?
[10:48] Gangreen: Energism
[10:48] Gangreen: skeet skeet skeet
[10:49] pbolin_tx: lol.. ill send you the email if youll submit that as a name 🙂
[10:49] Gangreen: No f’n way. You do it.
[10:49] pbolin_tx: hell no, that shits tied to my lotus notes account..
[10:50] cinomedtweak: AlphaOmega Project
[10:50] cinomedtweak: hat name works for EVERYTHIng
[10:51] pbolin_tx: yep, i could bs that one.. “we’re her for you from begining to end at CSC”..
[10:58] cinomedtweak: wow impressed
[10:59] Jape: i’m not
[10:59] Jape: thats stupid
[10:59] pbolin_tx: yes, but isnt all marketing stupid?
[10:59] Jape: true
[10:59] pbolin_tx: so in order to excel, it must be dumb..
[11:01] cinomedtweak: one can only rise to the level of tehir incompetence
[11:01] Jape: ok, Odd
[11:01] Jape: oh sorry, that was Fester
[11:01] Jape: how was I to know??
[11:08] Gangreen: Experience. Results.
[11:08] Gangreen: Experience. This.
[11:09] cinomedtweak: 😮
[11:10] pbolin_tx: Experience. Skeet.
[11:12] cinomedtweak: I Experience many things in life, and much more in SecondLife…. and it is good
[11:20] Gangreen: Go ahead, we’re glistening.
[11:20] Gangreen: …in the sun.
[11:20] Jape: stgu
[11:20] Straps: big hands i know ur the one
[11:21] Gangreen: Violent Femmes are gay.
[11:24] CAVEMAN: They might be Gaints are gay too
[11:39] cinomedtweak: hahahaha AM7911115
[11:39] cinomedtweak: Johnston, Jason02/14/2007 11:19 am00:00:05Log Commentspoke to Fester
[12:00] Gangreen: How’d you copy the whole line?
[12:00] Jape: whole line where?
[12:00] Jape: [11:39] cinomedtweak: hahahaha AM7911115
[12:00] Jape: like that?
[12:00] Gangreen: No, like “Johnston, Jason
02/14/2007 11:19 am
Log Comment
spoke to Fester
[12:00] Jape: OH
[12:00] Jape: in usd?
[12:01] Gangreen: yeah
[12:01] todd: Jesus is Lord
[12:01] Jape: click on the ticket # from the CO or Request view and hit CTRL C
[12:01] cinomedtweak: click on the line and CTRL C
[12:01] cinomedtweak: yeah
[12:01] cinomedtweak: works in ANY usd search
[12:01] Jape: wiz-urde
[12:01] cinomedtweak: Example from MY active requests
[12:01] cinomedtweak: F156085426Assigned02/13/2007 01:58 pmIssue: needs ticket for local work done — backed up files …Kohn, SueFoster, Jon CCSC.Cis.CSS
[12:02] cinomedtweak: nap time bbe back later
[12:02] Gangreen: So you’re not copying from the Activities tab
[12:02] Gangreen: ?
[12:02] Jape: i think you can copy from there also
[12:02] Gangreen: Not all that info
[12:02] cinomedtweak: yeah thats were I got that earlier part
[12:03] Gangreen: Did you copy the time and date and name and comment seperately?
[12:03] Jape: ret me try, ret me try
[12:03] Jape: Johnston, Jason 02/14/2007 11:53 am 00:00:00 Status change to Open Changed Status to Open
[12:03] Jape: thats a straight copy from teh act tab
[12:04] todd: For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son,
that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
[12:04] Gangreen: Ah, I got it.
[12:04] Gangreen: Didn’t do it the first time
[12:04] Jape: cool
[12:04] Jape: ok
[12:04] todd: God blesses those whose hearts are pure, for they will see God.
[12:04] Gangreen: Johnston, Jason 02/13/2007 08:53 am 00:00:11 IM’d MC Greenage to see if L2 could handle. Log Comment
[12:04] Jape: wiz-urd
[12:04] Gangreen: That one got cancelled
[12:04] Gangreen: I should’ve just taken it
[12:05] Jape: it looks funnier in the actual ticket though
[12:05] Gangreen: User installed herself
[12:05] Jape: why did they cancel?
[12:05] Jape: ok
[12:05] Jape: at least she got it
[12:05] Gangreen: Better safe than sorry
[12:05] Jape: yeah
[12:05] Gangreen: I don’t wanna be the one that introduces some fucked up thing into the sw environment
[12:05] todd: Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy,
and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven,
where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.
For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.
[12:06] Gangreen: Like that GAC employee that plugged in an unauthorized device and brought down the whole network
[12:07] todd: Be not overcome with evil, but overcome evil with good.
[12:07] Jape: what device?
[12:07] Gangreen: Todd, say something else
[12:07] Gangreen: They never said
[12:07] Jape: he’s just doing that to goad everyone
[12:07] Jape: just ignore him
[12:07] Gangreen: I know but I’m testing
[12:07] Jape: ahh
[12:08] Gangreen: say something reTodd
[12:08] Jape: <waits on pins and needles>
[12:08] Jape: We Todd Ed
[12:08] Gangreen: Well, I right clicked his name in the list and clicked “Ignore”
[12:09] Gangreen: Just wanted to see if it applied to group chat.
[12:09] Jape: i wondered that myself yesterday
[12:09] Jape: when he was being Odd
[12:09] Gangreen: Has he said anything yet?
[12:09] Jape: n
[12:09] Jape: o
[12:09] CAVEMAN: no
[12:09] Gangreen: Let me ignore you for a second to test
[12:09] Jape: at least…not unless you blocked him from the whole chat
[12:09] Gangreen: Say something, Jape
[12:10] Jape: somethign
[12:10] Jape: dahhh
[12:10] Gangreen: Did he say anything?
[12:10] Jape: yes
[12:10] Jape: reply to Gangrene, it looks like this is working
[12:10] Gangreen: Going back to unignore
[12:10] Jape: [12:09] Gangreen: Say something, Jape
[12:10] Jape: somethign
[12:10] Jape: dahhh
[12:10] Gangreen: Did he say anything?
[12:10] Jape: yes
[12:10] Jape: reply to Gangrene, it looks like this is working
[12:10] Gangreen: Going back to unignore
[12:10] Gangreen: Rad
[12:10] Gangreen: Works great
[12:10] Jape: so it works
[12:11] Jape: I wonder if ANYONE could see me?
[12:11] Jape: since no one replied
[12:11] CAVEMAN: yes it does
[12:11] Jape: could you see what I typed Q?
[12:11] CAVEMAN: i got todd on ignore
[12:11] Gangreen: Awesome
[12:11] CAVEMAN: i can see all other msg
[12:11] Jape: i mean could you see me
[12:11] Jape: typing
[12:11] CAVEMAN: ye s
[12:11] Jape: ok
[12:12] Jape: good
[12:12] Gangreen: That’s a badass feature actually
[12:12] Jape: Pathew, you here?
[12:12] CAVEMAN: when you put them to ignore it swipes out everthing they type in the chat too
[12:13] Jape: can you see their name in the list on the right?
[12:13] Gangreen: yeah
[12:13] CAVEMAN: yes
[12:13] Jape: ok
[12:13] CAVEMAN: its got a line threw his name
[12:13] Jape: oh
[12:13] Jape: cool
[12:13] Gangreen: Not on mine. But I’m using Trillian
[12:13] CAVEMAN: yim
[12:13] oldskooljedifunk: Who are we ignoring?
[12:13] Jape: I wondered if that was the problem with the invites, if it brings some people in on IGNORE, but I guess not
[12:14] Gangreen: Yeah, you’d be able to see the names
[12:14] Jape: ok, so not on trillian then
[12:14] Gangreen: It shows the name
[12:14] Jape: ok, still a cool feature though
[12:14] Gangreen: Just not marked through
[12:16] Gangreen: I’nm starvin’ but it’s almost too cold to go get something to eat
[12:16] Jape: it IS too cold
[12:16] Jape: I just went to Tetco cause I didn’t wanna go farther
[12:17] Gangreen: Gonna go make a breakfast burrito and the casa, I think
[12:19] todd: t
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] Jape: awesome
[12:19] Jape: IGNORE Odd
[12:19] Jape: it works!
[12:20] Jape: ROFL
[12:20] Jape: Gangrene, you didn’t see this….
[12:20] Jape: [12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:19] todd:
[12:20] *** Stayplation has left the chat.
[12:20] Jape: and it kept going and going
[12:21] *** Stayplation has joined the chat.
[12:21] Jape: right click and choose ignore
[12:21] Straps: lo
[12:21] Straps: lol
[12:21] Straps: fuck head
[12:25] Jape: hehe
[12:29] Jape: ST freaking out?
[12:33] *** Koobie has joined the chat.
[12:33] Jape: dahhh
[12:42] *** You have been disconnected. Wed Feb 14 12:42:25 2007.
[12:42] *** You have been disconnected. Wed Feb 14 12:42:47 2007.
[12:43] pbolin_tx: everyone is getting disconnected/reconnected like every 30 seconds
[12:45] oldskooljedifunk: Newark take a hit?
[12:45] Jape: don’t know
[12:46] Jape: i don’t see anyone in the chat
[12:50] cinomedtweak: what was up with odd?
[12:55] Jape: don’t know
[12:55] Jape: who is in this chat?
[12:55] Jape: my list shows blank
Session Close (2-year Birth of Wangz Day-1261): Wed Feb 14 12:58:25 2007
Session Start (Jape:2-year Birth of Wangz Day-1261): Wed Feb 14 12:58:42 2007
[12:58] *** todd has left the chat.
[12:58] Jape: dahhh
[12:58] cinomedtweak: doooo
[12:58] Jape: [12:58] *** todd has left the chat.
[13:01] *** oldskooljedifunk has left the chat.
[13:02] pbolin_tx: we have a textron helpdesk in brazil now?
[13:02] Jape: yeah
[13:02] pbolin_tx: come to thinkof it, im kinda surprised we still have a textron helpdesk here..
[13:05] *** oldskooljedifunk has joined the chat.
[13:05] Jape: i see 9 people in this chat
[13:05] *** oldskooljedifunk declines a chat invitation to 2-year Birth of Wangz Day-1261 – No, thank you..
[13:06] cinomedtweak: 8
[13:06] cinomedtweak: 😮
[13:06] CAVEMAN: i see dead people ( 7)
[13:06] cinomedtweak: invite me
[13:06] *** cinomedtweak has left the chat.
[13:06] Jape: 7 is what I see now
[13:06] *** cinomedtweak has joined the chat.
[13:06] Jape: 8 now
[13:07] cinomedtweak: 8
[13:07] cinomedtweak: 😎
[13:07] Jape: dahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[13:08] cinomedtweak: what he said ^^
[13:12] Straps: dah
[13:19] *** Street Monkey has joined the chat.
[13:19] tony: (Link:
[13:19] tony: important ^^^^^^^
[13:19] *** oldskooljedifunk has joined the chat.
[13:20] oldskooljedifunk: Nice.
[13:20] cinomedtweak: what’s that?
[13:20] Jape: dahhhhhhhhhh
[13:21] oldskooljedifunk: What he said.
[13:21] tony: Buckethead is releasing 13 new discs this month… it is a link to that…
[13:21] Jape: Zack Lee
[13:21] pbolin_tx: who tf is buckethead?
[13:22] tony: The best guitarist out there at the moment…
[13:22] tony: …and a monster bass player as well.
[13:22] tony: He also plays a hell of a banjo.
[13:24] cinomedtweak: I will torrent it tonight see how it sounds 😀
[13:24] pbolin_tx: wow, he hand crafts his own cds.. impressive
[13:24] tony: What kind of music do you like?
[13:24] CAVEMAN: what about a recorder can he play that too
[13:25] tony: He did a record with Les Claypool… how does that work for you?
[13:25] cinomedtweak: me? Techno, NIN, Country, Rock, Rap, Reggae, Lounge, Comical, OST’s, ect ect
[13:25] CAVEMAN: does nothing for me
[13:25] CAVEMAN: Country Rock
[13:25] pbolin_tx: you have wierd abreviations, cinomed.. wtf is ost?
[13:26] Gangreen: I can’t see the user list
[13:26] Gangreen: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
[13:26] pbolin_tx: thats because were all ignoring you
[13:26] Jape: wiz-urd
[13:26] cinomedtweak: actually
[13:26] Gangreen: Original SoundTrack
[13:26] cinomedtweak: just Original Sound Track, some games in htere too
[13:26] cinomedtweak: and anime’s 😀
[13:27] Gangreen: I correct myself before you did. nyah nyah
[13:27] CAVEMAN: what about happy hardcore
[13:28] Gangreen: I don’t think I’m seeing everyone’s messages
[13:28] tony: Look for “Electric Tears” and “Colma” if you want mellow stuff… look for “Bucketheadland 2,” “Inbred Mountain,” or “Crime Slunk Scene” for heavy/rock stuff… Check out “Death Cube K” for ambient stuff… Check out Praxis releases for funk/rock/strange… try “The Cukoo Clocks of Hell” for pseudo-industrial/heavy rock
[13:28] pbolin_tx: Mike sucks donkey balls
[13:28] cinomedtweak: I <3 happy hardcore
[13:28] pbolin_tx: did you see that one mike?
[13:29] oldskooljedifunk: Praxis releases for funk/rock/strange…
[13:29] oldskooljedifunk: Lovely.
[13:29] tony: Have you heard Praxis?
[13:29] CAVEMAN: your more of a sad hardcore guy
[13:29] tony: It is Buckethead, Bootsy Collins, Bernie Worrell and John Zorn.
[13:29] tony: Also check out Axiom Funk for funk…
[13:30] tony: That’s Buckethead with Bootsy again.
[13:30] oldskooljedifunk: I have, oh wise one.
[13:30] tony: Excellent stuff, really…
[13:30] CAVEMAN: what about death metal
[13:31] cinomedtweak: some is ok, some is meh some is like “people PAY for this?”
[13:31] tony: The closest he has come to death metal is “The Cuckoo Clocks of Hell.” Death metal requires vocals.
[13:31] tony: He doesn’t do that.
[13:32] cinomedtweak: been listenin to a little live mashup lately, in SL, where teh DJ live mixes two songs of very different styles
[13:32] cinomedtweak: it’s kinda nice, but soemtimes it just sucks, sometimes it’s awesome *shrug*
[13:32] cinomedtweak: deopends on teh DJ and he “on”ness
[13:37] Jape: someone give me a name that describes us as csc employees
[13:37] cinomedtweak: (Link:
[13:37] cinomedtweak: bees?
[13:37] Jape: bees?
[13:37] Jape: nah
[13:37] Gangreen: Not that smart
[13:37] Jape: something better
[13:38] cinomedtweak: It GODS?
[13:38] Gangreen: Wing eaters
[13:38] Jape: ok, getting better
[13:38] Jape: keep going
[13:38] Gangreen: What is this for?
[13:39] cinomedtweak: yeah I need more data
[13:39] Jape: private section on KBJ that won’t be viewable to the outside world, where we can go in and talk about things that go on around here that maybe we shouldn’t be talking about
[13:40] cinomedtweak: oh, that’s easy
[13:40] cinomedtweak: SWC
[13:40] cinomedtweak: secret wangz club
[13:40] Jape: hmm, was hoping for soemthing better than that
[13:40] cinomedtweak: 🙁
[13:41] Jape: I have my MODs set as “Moderator Wangz” do I didn’t want to use “wang” or something like that
[13:41] cinomedtweak: you dun like it? :((
[13:41] Jape: and dont’ feel bad Fester, I can’t think of anything mysefl, which is why I am asking in here
[13:42] CAVEMAN: Jape: someone give me a name that describes us as csc employees = asshats
[13:42] Jape: CIMP!
[13:42] Jape: thats it
[13:42] Jape: Q wins
[13:42] Jape: i KNEW I would know it when I heard it
[13:42] CAVEMAN: thank you
[13:43] CAVEMAN: I would like to thank all of the small people that i steped on to get to this point ..
[13:45] Jape: ok, everyone see if you can see this board: (Link:
[13:45] Jape: let me know if you can
[13:45] Jape: cannot
[13:45] cinomedtweak: An Error Has Occurred! The topic or board you are looking for appears to be either missing or off limits to you.
[13:46] Jape: Fester, you aren’t on ST
[13:46] Jape: just FYI
[13:46] Jape: you will get that error if you are NOT in the group
[13:46] cinomedtweak: it goes by ST?
[13:46] Gangreen: omfg, did anyone see Lord of the Parody with Jack Black?
[13:47] Jape: no, no
[13:47] Jape: just saying you weren’t on ST
[13:47] Gangreen: Where he pierced his ding dong with the ring of power?
[13:47] Jape: Try now, Fester
[13:47] CAVEMAN: yes
[13:47] Gangreen: That shit’s funny
[13:47] Gangreen: (Link:
[13:47] CAVEMAN: yes i did green thats kind of old
[13:47] Gangreen: I bet it is
[13:48] CAVEMAN: got the same error j
[13:48] tony: I get the same error as well…
[13:49] Jape: both try again
[13:49] tony: works
[13:50] CAVEMAN: Mike Brunkowif darryl is going to do reassigns, he needs to know STC’s aren’t multiple choice
[13:50] CAVEMAN: From a SDM
[13:50] CAVEMAN: QC
[13:50] Jape: ???
[13:51] *** Stayplation has left the chat.
[13:55] Gangreen: What do I want to drink?

[13:56] CAVEMAN: beer
[13:56] Gangreen: Correct
[13:56] CAVEMAN: sugar water
[13:56] Gangreen: But what do I want to drink from the soda machine?
[13:56] CAVEMAN: root beer
[13:56] cinomedtweak: ok
[13:56] cinomedtweak: who the gac was BEB?
[13:56] oldskooljedifunk: Wow.
[13:57] oldskooljedifunk: OLD Skool!
[13:57] Jape: cimp
[13:57] Jape: before your time, Fester
[13:57] Jape: but
[13:57] Gangreen: Grab yourself a can of Pork Soda!!! You’ll be feelin’ just fine. Ain’t nothin quite like sittin’ round the house, swillin’ down those cans of swine!
[13:57] Jape: I changed that one…wanted a place to post rants abotu work that we can’t talk about in open air
[13:57] Gangreen: Black Eyed Braddock
[13:57] cinomedtweak: some nut seriously said shit like that?
[13:58] cinomedtweak: was he huge or somthing? seems like some of that would be ass kicking matterial?
[13:58] Gangreen: If you saw him, you might think he had cancer.
[13:58] Gangreen: Not big at all.
[13:58] Jape: nope
[13:58] Gangreen: Or AIDS, more like
[13:58] Jape: and yes, he said ALL that stuff
[13:59] Gangreen: Remember when Dan read the Manifesto at my desk?
[13:59] Gangreen: I was shittin’ bricks at first
[13:59] cinomedtweak: no one is going to violate my civil rights” (holds up yellow pages listing for attorneys)….”I’m getting one”
[14:00] Jape: LMAO
[14:00] cinomedtweak: honestly, someone said that to me, in such a way I would HAVE to sit down I would be laughing so hard
[14:00] Jape: i rmemeber that Gangrene
[14:00] Jape: he was DEAD serious man
[14:00] cinomedtweak: be back in a moment rebooteding
[14:00] *** cinomedtweak has left the chat.
[14:00] tony: I have heard about STaples before…
[14:00] tony: He kinda stopped doing that stuff now though…
[14:08] Gangreen: WTF is Numa Numa?
[14:08] Gangreen: Is that where you just act stupid in front of a web cam?
[14:13] CAVEMAN: where is the boozed up jew at today
Session Close (2-year Birth of Wangz Day-1261): Wed Feb 14 14:16:14 2007
Session Start (Jape:2-year Birth of Wangz Day-1261): Wed Feb 14 14:26:20 2007
[14:26] Jape: thx Q
[14:26] CAVEMAN: you got it
[14:26] *** cinomedtweak has joined the chat.
[14:26] Jape: mucho mejor
[14:26] cinomedtweak: grassyAss
[14:27] CAVEMAN: who ass is grassy
[14:27] CAVEMAN: *** todd will no longer be ignored.
[14:27] cinomedtweak: that is texan for “thanks”
[14:27] *** Koobie has joined the chat.
[14:28] CAVEMAN: you sure thats not spanish for white boy
[14:29] cinomedtweak: *shrug* that might explain that laughter when I say it
[14:29] CAVEMAN: Cimp
[14:29] Jape: PITT
[14:29] Jape: we wil post that list of abbrev that Straps has in KBJ
[14:31] Jape: (Link:
[14:31] Jape: who has 50 cents?
[14:31] Koobie: i have green backs
[14:31] CAVEMAN: i have
[14:31] CAVEMAN: i got both
[14:33] Jape: thx Q
[14:33] CAVEMAN: np
[14:47] Gangreen: 5 users?
[14:47] CAVEMAN: 7
[14:47] Koobie: i count 9
[14:47] Jape: ?
[14:47] Gangreen: [14:47] *** Your previous message has not been sent. Reason: Maximum length (800) exceeded. You can recall the last message typed with Ctrl-Up or Up, depending on settings.
[14:47] Jape: oh
[14:48] Jape: there are 9 users
[14:48] Jape: I am tring to read too fast
[14:48] Jape: I thought you said “5 YEARS”
[14:48] CAVEMAN: *** todd will be ignored.
[14:49] Jape: indeed he will
[15:02] CAVEMAN: After Mick asked the helpdesk to assign the call to him it seems that they couldn’t complete his request correctly. Therefore, I put it under Mick’s name.
[15:02] Jape: ?
[15:02] Jape: umm
[15:03] Jape: since the HD isn’t ALLOWED to assigned techs to tickets………..yes, that would make sense
[15:04] CAVEMAN: gacing gra tech they are a bunch of bitches
[15:05] Jape: true
[15:06] CAVEMAN: had one ping me today if we are keeping up with reassigns .. i was like there is 2 in there now and they are not yours so shut you gacing pie hole or i will come up their and kid your gacing teeth out ..
[15:06] CAVEMAN: kick not kid
[15:06] Jape: ROFLMAO!
[15:06] cinomedtweak: kid? like tickle or jsut kinda hazing?
[15:07] cinomedtweak: :))
[15:23] cinomedtweak: wow Colbert has a Ben and Jery’s flavor ;o
[15:23] cinomedtweak: (Link:
[15:31] CAVEMAN: that is old news man
[15:31] cinomedtweak: :((
[15:32] CAVEMAN: dont cry
[15:32] cinomedtweak: brb
[15:32] Jape: nuh uhj
[15:33] Gangreen: You foosballers are amateurs
[15:33] Gangreen: (Link:
[15:36] *** leadchunkeratmyspace has left the chat.
Session Close (2-year Birth of Wangz Day-1261): Wed Feb 14 15:39:06 2007

Fry’s Limo Service and Expert Traffic Suggestions

Filed under:Hangouts — posted by MMJ on January 2, 2015 @ 10:43 am

If anyone is down near Arlington, stay off of I-20. There is a semi-truck fire that’s been going for some time and they are starting to evacuate the area.

Frank Tank
its still on fire?

I think so
DFWScanner is reporting they are evacuating the area

there was a semi on fire last night on 820 right after 820 sound and 121 split at highway 10
so linke on the birdge part, past trinity
looked bad 😞

yeah I saw that one also
I had driven through there only an hour before that truck was on fire

820 is retarded, regardless

wreck or no wreck

as opposed to the other, more intelligent highways in this area?

some arent bad, at parts
820 is completely fucked the entire way

that isn’t even close to being true
unless you still live in 2006, I guess

Wise man once say, “You must first be smarter than the pavement you drive upon before heading towards your destination”
Methinks that may be why Fry refuses to get behind the wheel.

they finished the construction updates on 820 a while back and it actually flows pretty well now. they are still working on NE Loop 820, if you take it West from Hurst area, towards 35W. It kinda sucks over there right now. But once you pass 35W, it is smooth sailing all the way to I-20.

Wow, that’s my bad
I just realized I was debating with someone whose wife drives him everywhere

My apologies, Fry.

Yes, highways are evil
as opposed to someone who needs help getting things off the top shelf

Yes, but getting a stool doesn’t require a license that everyone else usually has by age 16

right because being born short is the same as refusing to get a da,med driver’s license

how does one drive a da,med

get your license and I will show you

I assume he can see his penis too

Where did that come from?

they were trading insults, so I jumped in for Jape
this time
speaking of being a fatass, lemme go downstairs and try to stick to this New Year’s diet

it happens, but it is rare

Fry Rides the Short Bus

Filed under:Hangouts — posted by MMJ on December 23, 2014 @ 12:17 pm

FUCK. I missed my bus.8:15 AM

you can catch one before the end of first period, I think

I have lsot no arguments this morning, so I will not go there

Fry get your license


then he would need a second car, can’t leave mom at home with a kiddo and no car

Yeah but what if Erica hurts herself?


What is a HERF?

Filed under:Wangz 2.0 — posted by MMJ on August 14, 2014 @ 12:04 pm

Faisal E
What is a herf?

he should have planned it 16 days AGO

herf –
n. A gathering in which people smoke cigars
v. To smoke a cigar
Faisal E
Thanks man
Can we all have sex after?
yeah dude

you and BH can.

Faisal E
Cool cool

but not with each other


Faisal E
Oh ok
I’ll bring my JAPE doll

Faisal E
Going to really wring out that a-hole on it


there is literally something wrong with you, man

Faisal E
I know lol

Bake /heart Green

Filed under:Bakechat — posted by MMJ on October 22, 2013 @ 1:16 pm

BAKE: Love you too briefly but never done
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jape: GAY^^

BAKE: That was from the mic thing on my phone
I said
I have messed with it briefly, but never don any .net development with it

BAKE: I decided what it posted was close enough

jape: I decided you were gay for Green.
And my decision stands.

BAKE: ok whatever

BAKE: I am infact gay for green, you’ve found me out

caveninja: ALTools <– kind of a cool app

BAKE: *step 3*

BAKE: Elaborate cave

caveninja: ALTools.exe contains tools that assist you in managing accounts and in troubleshooting account lockouts

BAKE: it looks like crap

Fry: says the author of bakeware


Bakerware is a Virus

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Fail Fry 1:03 AM
you’re a dick, baker

Ginger Robot From The Future 1:03 AM
He give you a script that reboots your computer?

Fail Fry 1:03 AM
his external drive crashed my explorer.exe, made me have to reboot

Bakefayse 1:04 AM

Jape 1:04 AM
you willingly installed a personal drive of Bakers onto your work laptop?

Jape 1:04 AM
whose fault is that?

Bakefayse 1:04 AM

Fail Fry 1:05 AM
once i typed explorer.exe into run, that froze up too

Bakefayse 1:05 AM

Jape 1:07 AM
Baker: Here, hold this vial of the Ebola virus for me for just a minute.
Fry: Sure. (injects into his arm).
Baker: OK, can I have my vial back?
Fry: Well, I injected it. Was that wrong?
Baker: -_-
Fry: Wait, now I am HIV positive and my tongue is turning yellow. And what is this liquid flowing out of my ass? BAKER I HATE YOU!
^true story

Doom Handler

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(•͡˘˛˘ •͡)   L.U.M.P. (Doom handler): ^

Fry: Shut it, Baker. You can’t handle my Doom.

SheFry: I’m gonna sing the Doom Song now…

Fry: Too late, I’m already rocking E1M1 from the Doom OST

Mike G: NEDM

Fry: Nedm was some catchy shit. Doom and cats, what could possibly go wrong

Fry: Skyrim won Game of the Year, Best RPG, and Best Studio at the VGAs

(•͡˘˛˘ •͡)   L.U.M.P. (Doom handler): Awards won: 3

Fucks given: 0

Fry’s Doom handled: check

Lulling@fry: priceless

Fry: I think I’d know if you handled my doom

(•͡˘˛˘ •͡)   L.U.M.P. (Doom handler): WHAT’S IN YOUR WALLET

Fry: Your moms number

Fry: If you think you can handle my Doom, buy Quake III Arena on Steam. Then I’ll buy it. Then you’ll eat my rockets.

(•͡˘˛˘ •͡)   L.U.M.P. (Doom handler): Quake 3 is not doom, now is it mister

Fry: Yeah, its much more fun. LOOPHOLE: there’s a character named Doom in Q3Arena

(•͡˘˛˘ •͡)   L.U.M.P. (Doom handler): Loophole rejected as the working title is not doom

Fry: Pussy

(•͡˘˛˘ •͡)   L.U.M.P. (Doom handler): Its what’s for dinner

Fry: Meow

(•͡˘˛˘ •͡)   L.U.M.P. (Doom handler): Now if you had said “you can’t handle my quake 3” I would be like “challenge considered” but you didn’t, you said doom

Fry: You can’t handle my quake 3

Fry: OR my Doom. OR my Unreal.

(•͡˘˛˘ •͡)   L.U.M.P. (Doom handler): “Challenge considered”

Fry: Pick your game. Ill pick your coffin.

(•͡˘˛˘ •͡)   L.U.M.P. (Doom handler): What game of those do you own?

Fry: None actually

(•͡˘˛˘ •͡)   L.U.M.P. (Doom handler): Then “challenge aborted” invalid challenge issued. 10 yard penalty, first down.

Fry: Fine then. Unreal tournament. Choose your version, cad.

Lady Jay: Nerd duels commence!

Jape : Ms Pac-Man > all you nerds. Don’t GAC with me or I’ll shove a Pole Position up your ass and bury you in a Dig-Dug hole.

Sotd: Don’t be a lemming.

Ta’al Mahret: I see your atari fail and respond with donkey kong throwing barrels back at you

SheFry: Mario.  That is all.


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From Group: The Collective
 R1CK™: We’re going to replace the word “fail” with the word “Fry” so that it catches on to a normal saying
Jambaker  : Now add the 2 together, and you’ve got a deal.  Ex.  “Wow you realy friricked that up.  Maybe you should just kill yourself”
**Caveman changes his name to FRYRICK!!!!!
FRYRICK!!!!!: ^ look
Jambaker  : Wut
Jape the Pilgrim : Caveman, that is just fryricked
Jambaker  : ^correct usage achieved
George: +1
Jape the Pilgrim : /bows
George: =D
Jambaker  : Lol@our pooled hatred this morning
Jape the Pilgrim : It isn’t morning, nub. Your clock is fryricked
Jambaker  : I just woke up, I’m on singapore time
Jape the Pilgrim : Singapore is also fryricked
Jape the Pilgrim : Grats at fryricking
Jambaker  : Indeed
FRYRICK!!!!!: Lmao
FRYRICK!!!!!: Think I will teach my son too use this
Jambaker  : OMG do it!
Jape the Pilgrim : Rofl
Jambaker  : And put that shit on youtube
George: I motion for adding this to urban dictionary.
Jape the Pilgrim : Approved
Jambaker  : Seconded
Fry: So, I’m such a fryrick that I did over 50% of the total damage on the heroic endboss guy last night
Jape the Pilgrim : ^improper usage. You fryrick, Fry
Jambaker  : ^incorrect usage
Fry: Looooooool
Jambaker  : Lol *high five jape*
Fry: Of the remaining 50, baker did like, 41%
Jape the Pilgrim : LOL, Baker and I are thinking alike. I’m frightened
Fry: That’s how it starts, jape. That’s how it starts
Jambaker  : Are we? What are you wearing?
Jape the Pilgrim : Indeed
Fry: Next thing you know, you and baker are going on ‘fishing trips’ to the hotel
Jambaker  : Its attached to your rod muthalicka
Jape the Pilgrim : I think its more likely that we’ll invent a new technological device together since we think alike. I didn’t say we fryricked with our wangs.
Fry: Incorrect usage!
Jambaker  : Can we skip and jold hands after?
George: My toilet seat is wobbling and pissing me off.
George: Imma loktite the sumbitch
Jambaker  : Stop having sex on it
Jape the Pilgrim : Perhaps we can create a fryrick detector that disallows fryricking in Congress or the White House. It’d be awesome. Everyone could carry guns and there would be NO Macs within 1000 yards of either structure
Jape the Pilgrim : ^ultimate win
Fry: I approve of this hypothetical fryrick detection device
George: Ur a goddamn genius
Jape the Pilgrim : /bows
George: I approve (y)
Fry: Hey japr
Fry: Er, jape*
Fry: Do loremaster
Fry: Its actually not THAT tedious
Jambaker  : FUCK THAT
Jambaker  : Its a trap
Jape the Pilgrim : Oh and…beer on tap at the workplace would be not only legal, but advisable.
Jape the Pilgrim : Fry, I actually started Loremaster a while back but they reset it when Cata dropped so I said ..|..
Fry: Its easier with the zone achievements
Jape the Pilgrim : Yea I could see that
Jambaker  : NO FUCK THAT
Fry: I knocked out all of EK in a few days
Jambaker  : Its a trap
Fry: Shut up baker, you’re a trap
Jambaker  : Indeed, come check out this web I built…
Fry: No. And for god’s sake close your legs, noone wants to see that
Jambaker  : That’s true too…
Jambaker  : And its god sakes
Jambaker  : Not god’s rice wine
Jape the Pilgrim : Lol
Vulnero: This is full of tools
Jambaker  : You’re a tool!
George: Way to fryrick that up!
Vulnero: Is there a way to send an icon for this chat to the home screen, I have to click like 4 times to get to it
Jambaker  : Yeah menu on the chat and send to or something
Vulnero: That don’t work
Jambaker  : Yeah menu on the group and set show on home screen
 R1CK™: Go into bbm, then groups, highlight this group, menu, show on homescreen
Jambaker  : L2BB
Jape the Pilgrim : Or just use the Messages folder that shows all chats and emails in 1 place
Jambaker  : ^
Jambaker  : Protip
Jape the Pilgrim : Stop fryricking with your BB
Jambaker  : ^i’ll allow it…. But its a ten yard penalty
Vulnero: That still doesn’t open the chat
Jambaker  : First down
Jambaker  : Must be user error
Jape the Pilgrim : ^
 R1CK™: Dude, way 2 fryrick.
Jape the Pilgrim : ^^
Vulnero: That cuts the number of clicks in half but I want it down to 1
 R1CK™: You sound like a customer, stop that
Jape the Pilgrim : Messages. Folder. O. M. G.
 R1CK™: ^
Jambaker  : Messages floder is the most efficient way to get here
Jambaker  : Yes floder
Vulnero: I don’t want to use the message folder, 1 click to see the whole chat
Fry: And now I make shefrys phone buzz moar
Jape the Pilgrim : He sounds like a Mac user. “I don’t want to do anything. It should open the chat when I simply think about it”
Vulnero: Is that too much to ask
Vulnero: I am getting an iphone
Jambaker  : Yes, get an iPhone hippy
Jambaker  : ^LOL!
Fry: Fuck iphone
 R1CK™: Next he’ll be wanting to sync with iCloud
Jape the Pilgrim : The BBM group is more than just a chat, so clicking the icon opens the group, not the chat inside the group
Vulnero: Hipster not hippy
Fry: Fuck windows phone
 R1CK™: Change his name to iJohn
Fry: Fuck blackberry
Fry: Fuck android
Jambaker  : Jitterbug ftw
Jape the Pilgrim : Palm Treo > all
SheFry: Yes, my bb buzzes moar
 R1CK™: =))
Vulnero: Lol
Jambaker  : Ok gramps
Vulnero: Lol
Vulnero: Lol
Vulnero: Lol
Vulnero: Lol
Vulnero: Lol
Jambaker  : John found the lol button
Jape the Pilgrim : /facepalm
 R1CK™: Its iJohn, actually
Vulnero: My hp ipaq was better then the treo
Jambaker  : LOLOL
Jape the Pilgrim : Sounds like a digital toilet
Jape the Pilgrim : Ipaq was teh suck. I used to support those things
Fry: Treo? Isn’t that what people who want their companies to fail, use?
Vulnero: They were pure awesome
Fry: In 1980?
Jape the Pilgrim : Treo was a personal device, not a company one. It was out around the same time as the 8700 and BB Pearl. Are you really comparing those?
FRYRICK!!!!!: So much chatter
Fry: Meh, bb is fryrick as a personal device. Android wins
Jape the Pilgrim : Maybe. But you fryrick so no one will listen to you

Roku Orders

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Fry Just ordered 2 Roku’s. #w


Fry #win


Fry Damn return key


Jape  What’s a Roku?


Fry Connects to your TV and your wireless network


Jape  The western digital one?


Fry Let’s you stream more or less any online streaming content, video or audio, to your tv


Jape  WD makes one that works pretty good


Jape  How much is the Roku?


Fry 3 versions, 59, 79, and 99




Fry No monthly fee at all


Fry Except for your netflix subs and such


Jape  Seems pretty win


Fry It is


Fry You can even play angry birds and shit on them


Jape  I’ve been wanting one of these, I may grab this one


Fry Definitely win, imo


 R1CK™(Work) Why would you shit on them?


Jape  Rofl


Fry Especially for someone like me, I hate the idea of paying for cable tv


Fry The xd and xs models will even stream 1080p content


 R1CK™(Work) I mean, you just bought them


Jape  Yea because…why would you want to pay for something like a valuable member of society?


 R1CK™(Work) Why ruin them?


Fry I pay for some things

Updated Photo of DarthMarco

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